My work is mainly in oils. This collection has been inspired and influenced by the contemporary German artist Gerhard Richter’s use of colour with his ‘squeegee technique’ in oils. My own style of painting uses a modified squeegee method, with colours being dragged across the canvas and mixed together in a way which combines the elements of both planning and of chance.

I have also been influenced by the early twentieth century Russian painter Kandinsky, whose work ‘On the spiritual nature of art’ has helped me develop the use of colour in my own paintings. He wrote: ‘It is necessary for the artist to know the starting point for the exercise of his spirit (which) is the study of colour and its effects on man…The great divisions of colour (are) into warm and cold, and into light and dark…The movement is a horizontal one, the warm colours approaching the spectator and cold ones retreating from him…Colours which … cause this horizontal movement are comprised of four antitheses: blue-yellow… black-white… green-red… violet-orange… and orange is like a man convinced of his powers.’ The concept of the spiritual in art is echoed by the modern British artist, Norman Adams, who said, ‘Art has always been related to Spirituality. I can’t conceive of art without it.’

Most of my work is abstract and I like to incorporate themes especially from the natural world and from everyday life.